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free bondage pics portfolio

 by bondagecorner on 06 Aug 2018 |
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Please RT and share by #fetish #shibari #bondage #latex #kinky #femdom— Bondage Corner UK (@UKBondagecorner) 6 August 2018

Latex gear new release

 by bondagecorner on 14 Apr 2018 |
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Today couldn't get any better. We are so happy to announce we are launching soon a collection of latex rubber gear. This...

Shibari couture and bondage rope

 by bondagecorner on 06 Jun 2017 |
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Anyone who ever has ventured in the world of rigging may have or will experience a phase where you hit a plateau. Simply...

Breast cancer and sex toys

 by bondagecorner on 05 Jun 2017 |
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To all of our Customers and Visitors, As for today we would like to announce that BondageCorner has decided to enroll in charity donation. We have yet to define how we are going to do so, but we clearly decided that Breast cancer and prostate cancer...

Bondage steampunk art - the handcrafted gas mask

 by bondagecorner on 21 Jan 2017 |
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When we saw this, the only possible outcome was to share this with you guys. Bondage can a lot of things. It can hardcor...

BDSM stories and novels October 2016 paradice lost

 by bondagecorner on 22 Oct 2016 |
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**** _ As most find contentment in vivid pictures and media, other find extatic pleasure within imagination, this kinky ...

Massive sales and give away after xmas in our bondage store

 by bondagecorner on 26 Dec 2015 |
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Because we believe xmas should last more than a couple of days, we are happy to offer this amazing give away fron the 25th of December 2015 until  the 5 th of January 2016. In a few words, each order was granted a free gift before, now it's free gif...

INSIGHT -review of fetish club in Germany named the studioblackfun

 by bondagecorner on 20 Dec 2015 |
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This is going to be fun one !! As a fetter, you get to see all sorts of places, in all sorts of environement with all s...

Kinky Santa promotion

 by bondagecorner on 15 Dec 2015 |
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Xmas promotion ending soon !!! Countdown (function(){var s = document.createElement("script");s.src = "http://www.tick...

Annoucement and News about our Online BDSM gear store - blog

 by bondagecorner on 15 Dec 2015 |
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15-12-2015: We first would like to apologies for the late commencement of our Xmas promotion. We have been obligated to focus on other technical priorities. Yet, the promotion has now begun and we will soon publish on this blog complete article with...